Ep. 3 – Clowning Around

Climate change is serious business. But some climate clowns are donning red noses to get your attention. One seasoned street performer has sung and danced his way from Los Angeles to London, bringing a climate message through imaginative skits and wacky antics. His gang of merry pranksters have slipped into corporate board rooms and press conferences, posing as VPs and speaking truth disguised as power. On the streets he may play the priest or the pauper; with little regard to propriety. While the climate message is clear, the delivery often comes with a pratfall. And passersby who shirk from taking that political flier find themselves stopping to listen, laugh and join the conversation.

Updated March 10, 2023

These audio documentaries are story-driven, scene-based and sound-rich. Each one takes several months to create and we will be rolling them out as we produce them. So, stick with us! We will be posting the next one soon.

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